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Using sod for an all natural bunker liner!

Mature Kentucky Bluegrass is a natural alternative to synthetic bunker liners. The heavy thatch layer holds sand in, keeps weeds out, and allows for water to drain through. For more information on this topic call us at 716-741-2877

Premium Tall Fescue Bluegrass

Our Tall Fescue Sod, Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty Mix, is adapted to this region and is designed to provide a high quality, hardy turf for use in golf courses, home lawns, industrial sites, cemeteries, and other similar turf areas.

•Medium to dark green color retention throughout the growing season
•Performs well under high mowing heights
•Excellent wear tolerance
•Grown on mineral soil
•Disease Tolerant

Seed Mixes

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Holganix Liquid Organic Bio-nutritional Product

Holganix Golf Informational Pamphlet 

Holganix Golf


Pick-up or delivered & unloaded
Rolls size: 2 ft x 5 ft

Premium Kentucky Bluegrass
• pure seed certified by national testing labs
• grown on all mineral soil
• varieties chosen from current NTEP trials
• performs well under high or close mowing
• uniform color, texture & growth habits
• competitively priced
Premium Kentucky Bluegrass-Low Mow
• mowing height 1-1/4″
• denser growth
• improved greening coming out of winter
Kentucky Bluegrass and Fine Fescues
•Tolerant to local climate extremes and varying soil types
•Medium to dark green color retention throughout the year
•Moderate Shade Tolerance
•Disease Tolerant
·Powdery Mildew
·Dollar Spots
·Stripe Smut
Premium Penn Cross Bent Grass
•Maintained at tee height 3/8″
•Aggressive growth and good wear tolerance
•Medium dark green color
•Good Dollar Spot resistance
Memorial and l93 Blend Bent Grass
• pure certified seed
• tee quality
• mowing height 3/8”
• grown in sand/soil
Types of Seed for Bluegrass Blends
• Thermal blue
• Washington
• Midnight
• Avalance
• Princeron 105