Hydro-Seeding Supplies


Hydro-Seeding Mulch
Provides superior erosion control and germination
performance when compared to 100% paper mulch. Also, covers 20% more physical ground per pound
than 100% paper mulch – saving you time and money.
70% recycled wood
30% recycled paper
50 lb. Bale
40 bales per pallet.
Cellulose Mulch
Absorbs water rapidly, forming a homogeneous slurry. Cellulose fiber de-water slowly allowing for easier pump-ability than that of 100% wood fiber. Ideal for hydroseeding, tacking straw and hay mulch.
100% recycled paper
50 lb. Bale
40 bales per pallet.
Hydro Mulch 1000

Absorbs water rapidly, forming a homogeneous slurry that ensures an evenly distributed stand of grass. Hydro mulch 1000 holds 12 times its weight in moisture, thus enhancing seed survival rates. Independent university
testing proves hydro-mulch 1000 controls erosion and
grows a healthier stand of grass than 100% paper fiber
100% wood fiber
50 lb. Bale
40 bales per pallet.
Jet Spray
 with Poly Fibers
 (For use in jet agitation machines)
Unique fiber mulch flakes are specifically designed to pour into the
smaller tank openings of jet-agitated hydraulic seeders. Loading time is decreased by up to 90% vs. traditional based hydraulic mulches. Flocculating tackifiei increases yield – so every bag goes further – providing greater loft within the matrix and outstanding erosion control performance. Dyed a dark green color for easy metering of the applied area (all mulches – 35 to 40 lbs. of mulch per 1000 sq. ft.).
40 lb. Bag
48 bags per pallet.
20-20-20 Spray Gro/Water Soluble Fertilizer
Excellent for hydro seeding.
25 lb. Bag
coverage 8000 sq. ft.


Pro Plus Hydro-Seeding Solutions


Erosion Control Blanket 82” X 135 GREEN
102.5 SQ. YD. ROLL.
Silk Color

The only marker dye with the added plus of a Slickifier – to improve shooting. Enhances mulch color for great curb appeal.
11-11 lb. container
Flocloc (dry)

Soil stabilizer designed to coagulate suspended
soil particles, dropping them from runoff, to
reduce soil erosion and improve water infiltration into seed bed.
3 lb. container
Tacking Agent 3
Requires no cure time to be effective! Reduces soil erosion and water run off immediately
after hydroseeding.
8 lb. Bag
Aqua Gel C & D
An excellent water management tool for a variety
of applications. Holds up to 400 times its weight.
D-hydro seeding.
5 lb. container