Sod vs. Seed

The biggest considerations when choosing a new lawn are time and money. Think about how patient you will be in waiting for your new lawn and think about what your budget is. Seed or sod, the soil is prepared the same.

Sod: If it is important to have a lawn that can be used and enjoyed in a short time, then sod is the best investment for you. A professionally grown lawn can be yours in eight hours and ready for play. More Info

Seed: If your budget does not allow for the cost of sod, seeding is an economical alternative. Keep in mind the wait could be 1- 2 years to reach the quality and beauty of a sod lawn. More Info

Seeding Sod
Coverage Seed takes weeks to fill out. Seeded lawns are not uniform at first. Sod makes an instant carpet of grass. New sod is rarely patchy or uneven in color.
Planting Not recommended for winter or summer, possible in spring, best in fall for most areas. Year around installation if available.
Cost vs. Value Higher maintenance costs, increased water & chemical applications, as well as delayed use. These are trade off’s for lower installation costs. Installation costs are offset by added value of timing, usability, uniformity and visual appeal. Reduced maintenance, chemical and water costs.
Erosion Heavy rains on sloping areas will cause seed, chemicals and silt to wash into sidewalks and into drain systems. Capable of accepting heavy rains without erosion or damage.
Weeds Multiply applications of chemicals usually required to combat weeds until turf is established. Minimal, if any chemicals required.


The bottom line on sod vs seed: seeding will have a lower initial cost than sod. But, in the long run the amount of watering, fertilizing, care (risk of failures or washouts), and weed killing applications will be much more expensive than sod. The sod arrives as a finished product on day one and seeding will take at least 2 years to compare. A sodded location will be usable in 2 weeks.

For a more reliable lawn that’s not threatened by erosion, go with sod! Depending on the climate you live in and your budget, you may not have a choice at all, but if you do, it may be best to shell out the extra bucks for sod.