Products & Services

professional commercial lawn services

Sod – Compact, low grow Kentucky blue grass mix – needs less water and holds up well to summer heat stress. (link to sod page) or (Order Sod Now Online)

Seed – High quality seed mixes that perform well in the Niagara region. All seeds test well in the National Seed Evaluation Program and have a dark green color. (link to seed page)

Golf and Landscape Fertilizers – Commercial grade fertilizer from Andersons and organic fertilizer from Nutrients Plus…what the Elite Lawn Care Professionals use. From home lawns to the golf courses, these are the fertilizers the pros use. (link to fertilizer page)

Soil Amendments – Amend your soils to give yourself the best chance of success when sodding or seeding. Bring us your soil for testing before you begin to get the best results. (link soil amendments page)

Hydroseeding Supplies – Conwed Hydro Mulch Spray – a spray-on application that seeds your lawn and gives you a quicker germination time. This application also helps to keep the seed from washing away. (link to hydroseeding page)

Sports Fields – Mar-co Clay and Turface – Terra Cotta red infield baseball mixes make your fields look great and makes them safer and easier to maintain. (link to sports fields page)

Big Yellow Bag - Black Garden Soil is the most popular of our Bulk Bag Products. Composted, organic soil that is locally sourced and mixed on our farm. It consists of Black Loam, Peat Loam, well-composted Manure and a touch of mineral soil (sandy, clay loam) for stability. It is great for topping up any type of garden, be it vegetable gardens or flowerbeds and also for over-seeding your lawn. (link to Big Yellow Bag page)

Holganix - A natural way to get thick, green, healthy turf and trees while reducing the use of fertilizers by as much as 90%. Instead of chemicals, it uses natural microorganisms that turn a small amount of fertilizer into the most effective turf and tree treatment available. With Holganix, you can reduce your environmental footprint … and get great results. (link to Holganix page)