Holganix is a 100% organic bio-nutritional product.  Holganix reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, nitrates, phosphates, and pesticides on your lawn by up to 90%. Holganix makes your lawn lush and green all season long, without the sudden surge growth that comes from using chemical fertilizers. Herbicides and insecticides performance can be enhanced by Holganix. Holganix is a non-poisonous, food-grade product. It’s safe for water in your community, is non-flammable, and nearly eliminates the need for nitrates, phosphates and pesticides.

1 Quart
1st Time Application Covers 2,250 sq. ft.*
Remaining Applications Covers 4,500 sq. ft.**

1 Gallon        
1st Time Application Covers 9,000 sq. ft.*
Remaining Applications Covers 18,000 sq. ft**

4.5 Gallons
1st Time Application Covers 41,000 sq. ft.*
Remaining Applications Covers 82,000 sq. ft.**


*1st Time Rate 14 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.
**Remaining Applications 7 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft


How Can Holganix Improve your Game?

-Deeper- Denser Root Systems -Thatch Reduction
-Balanced Soil Building -Insect Suppression
-Disease Suppression -Fertilizer Reduction
-Improved Soil Biology -Pesticides Reduction, Stronger Seedlings
-Denser- More Upright Growth -Reduced Surge Growth

2.4 Gallons    
1st Time Application Cover 1/2 acre*
Remaining Applications Cover 1 acre**

*1st Time Rate 4.8 gallons per acre
**Remaining Applications 2.4 gallons per acre


Stimulating colorful, healthy, vivacious blooms

Bloom is a 100% organic bio-nutritional product that promotes strong plant health and vigor. Plants growing in Holganix amended soils are better able to resist infection and attack by pathogens and insects, and if affected by pathogens and insects, these vigorous plants are better able to recover from disease and insect attacks..That means means that Bloom can help you overcome hurdles such as watering, anchoring into native soils and disease.

 1 Quart
Covers  1,500-3,000 sq. ft.

1 Gallon
Covers 6,000-12,000  sq. ft


Even Great for Your House Plants

Rates New Plant Subseqent Watering
Watering Can 1.5 ounces of Bloom per gallon of water .5 ounces of Bloom per gallon of water
Spray Tank 1 Gallon of Bloom per 90 gallons of water 1/3 gallon of Bloom per 90 gallons of water

Tree and Shrub

Key Product Benefits:

  • Beneficial bacteria promotes sustained plant health and soil fertility
  • Transplant Shock is lessened, reducing plant loss and replacement costs
  • Mycchorizae fungi increase root mass, allowing for better uptake of water and nutrients

2.25 Gallons     
Coverage And Application Method Various Depending On Application Purpose


What do I get out of Holganix Granular?

Deeper, thicker root system Greatly improved organic matter in soil
Healthier plants and soil are better able to resist damage from insects and disease Consistent color with less surge growth(less clippings)
Very low burn potential Improved drought tolerance and recovery
Significant improvement in biology of the soil Improved plant vigor


50 lb. Bag    
Covers 12,500 sq. ft.

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