Why Sod?

  • With sod, you instantly have a beautiful, manicured lawn. There’s no waiting for seeds to sprout. And sod can be installed year-round, while seeds are generally planted in the spring or fall. Following installation the location is transformed from dirt into a beautiful lush lawn with an established root system in a matter of hours. The decision of sodding versus seeding will save years of hard work, frustration, and additional expense while trying to achieve a similar result.
  • Because sod is fully mature at the time it is installed, it serves as immediate erosion control eliminating the chance of heavy rains causing permanent washboard damage to the lawn. This is a major advantage over seeding, especially when dealing with slopes or swales.
  • Sod is much less susceptible to invasion by weeds, as compared to seeding, since the thick turf mat acts as a weed barrier to sprouting weed seeds.
  • Sodding has less water requirements versus trying to grow new seed, plus when you do water you won’t be washing away the new seed and sprouted seedlings.
  • A sodded lawn is ready for mowing and various recreational activity 2-3 weeks after installation.
  • Sod isn’t as fragile as a seeded area. You don’t have to worry about the lawn being destroyed in the first few weeks by kids or pets trampling across it.
  • Sod requires far less maintenance in the first few weeks. You’ll need to water and weed the lawn, but not as frequently as you have to with seed.


Lakeside Sod is Grown on Mineral Soil
Pick-up or delivered &unloaded
Rolls size: 2 ft x 5 ft

Premium Kentucky Bluegrass
  • pure seed certified by national testing labs
  • grown on all mineral soil
  • varieties chosen from current NTEP trials
  • performs well under high or close mowing
  • uniform color, texture & growth habits
  • competitively priced

Lakeside Sod Tall Fescue Bluegrass
  • Medium to dark green color retention throughout the growing season
  • Performs well under high mowing heights
  • Excellent wear tolerance
  • Grown on mineral soil
  • Disease Tolerant

Center Bent Grass
  • pure certified seed
  • tee quality
  • mowing height 3/8”
  • grown in sand/soil

Barenbrug RTF w/ HGT
  • Fine leafed texture
  • Excellent drought and heat tolerance
  • High traffic tolerance
  • Deep Root System
  • Quickly fills in damaged or open spots w/ new shoots

Scotts ProVista 
  • Requires ½ the mowing of conventional grasses
  • After established requires less fertilizer 
  • Maintained at lower mowing heights
  • Dark green thick appearance
  • Easily kept free of foreign grasses
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  1. Looking to roll sod along fence line where dog runs wanted to try a few rolls see how it holds up and if good I’ll do rest of yard soon after

  2. When will sod be available or is it now. Looking at job May 18th

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