Hydroseeding Buffalo NY

Hydroseeders choose Conwed Fibers® wood and wood/cellulose hydraulic mulches over any other brands. Conwed Fibers set the standard for erosion control excellence when it began operation in 1965. Their wood-fiber hydraulic mulch stood head and shoulders above all other mulches at the time, and it still does.
Hydroseeding Mulch Mixture/Size
Hydro-Seeding Mulch
Provides superior erosion control and germination
performance when compared to 100% paper mulch. Also, covers 20% more physical ground per pound
than 100% paper mulch – saving you time and money.
70% recycled wood
30% recycled paper
50 lb. Bale
40 bales per pallet.
Cellulose Mulch
Absorbs water rapidly, forming a homogeneous slurry. Cellulose fiber de-water slowly allowing for easier pump-ability than that of 100% wood fiber. Ideal for hydroseeding, tacking straw and hay mulch.
100% recycled paper
50 lb. Bale
40 bales per pallet.
Hydro Mulch 1000

Absorbs water rapidly, forming a homogeneous slurry that ensures an evenly distributed stand of grass. Hydro mulch 1000 holds 12 times its weight in moisture, thus enhancing seed survival rates. Independent university
testing proves hydro-mulch 1000 controls erosion and
grows a healthier stand of grass than 100% paper fiber
100% wood fiber
50 lb. Bale
40 bales per pallet.
20-20-20 Spray Gro/Water Soluble Fertilizer
Excellent for hydro seeding.
25 lb. Bag
coverage 8000 sq. ft.

Pro Plus Hydro-Seeding Solutions

Professional Products Size
 Erosion Control Blanket 82” X 135 GREEN
102.5 SQ. YD. ROLL.
Silk Color

The only marker dye with the added plus of a Slickifier – to improve shooting. Enhances mulch color for great curb appeal.
11-11 lb. container
Tacking Agent 3
Requires no cure time to be effective! Reduces soil erosion and water run off immediately
after hydroseeding.
8 lb. Bag
Aqua Gel C & D
An excellent water management tool for a variety
of applications. Holds up to 400 times its weight.
D-hydro seeding.
5 lb. container

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  1. What is the coverage area for the hydro mulch 1000
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