By John Braddell

If your lawn is damaged from the summer drought and heat, you still have time this this fall to repair it. Aerifying your lawn now will help break up compaction and add oxygen to the soil. Adding new varieties of seed will rejuvenate your lawn. Doing both will get a jumpstart on a great looking lawn next spring.

Fertilizing with a balanced starter fertilizer when seeding will help the existing grass repair itself from summer damage and feed the seedling. A second application for starter will develop the root system well into winter and harden the grass off ahead of extreme temperatures. 

All three can still be accomplished this fall. Stop in or call the representatives from Lakeside Sod to help get you started now. We can help you get the results you’re looking for.

Consider an organic fertilizer for your fall application. Organic fertilizers allow for more efficient nutrient absorption, build soil structure and are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Adding organics to the soil also puts good biology back in the soil. The good biology aids in breaking down the nutrients in the soil and making them readily available to the plant.

Contact us by email( or by phone @ 716-741-2880. We have over 50 years’ experience in helping homeowners get the looks and performance they want from they’re lawns.


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