In the spirit of community and compassion, Lakeside Sod has once again demonstrated its commitment to making a positive impact in Western New York. This year, their charity donation of $8,590 is set to support FeedMore WNY, an organization dedicated to alleviating food insecurity and promoting well-being throughout the region. Lakeside Sods’ innovative approach to giving back by encouraging recycling and reusing has not only exemplified their dedication to local causes but has also shown that small actions can lead to significant contributions.

Lakeside Sods’ Green Initiative

Lakeside Sods’ partnership with FeedMore WNY reflects their commitment to not only giving back to their community but doing so in an eco-conscious manner. For every Big Yellow Bag returned for recycling or reuse, a specific amount was set aside to be donated to FeedMore WNY. This unique approach encouraged responsible environmental practices while simultaneously supporting a noble cause.

FeedMore WNY: Nourishing Communities, Uplifting Lives

FeedMore WNY is a non-profit organization with a rich history of providing essential services that go far beyond traditional food banks. Their multifaceted approach addresses a wide range of needs within the community, making sure that no one in Western New York goes hungry. 

Lakeside Sods’ Impact

The $8,590 donated by Lakeside Sod will play a pivotal role in supporting FeedMore WNY’s mission. It will help them continue their vital work and reach even more individuals in need. The partnership between Lakeside Sod and FeedMore WNY goes beyond monetary support; it embodies the spirit of a community coming together to create lasting, positive change.

Lakeside Sods’ charity donation this year is a shining example of how businesses can make a meaningful impact in their local community. By combining their commitment to environmental responsibility with a dedication to a cause as important as FeedMore WNY, they demonstrate that giving back can be innovative, eco-friendly, and genuinely transformative. The $8,590 contributed will undoubtedly help FeedMore WNY continue its essential work and uplift countless lives in Western New York. This heartwarming partnership is a testament to the difference that can be made when organizations prioritize social responsibility and community well-being. To learn more about FeedMore WNY and how you can get involved, visit their website at www.feedmorewny.org.


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