By John Braddell

Whether your lawn is green or off color from summer drought.

Now is the time to start your lawn for the fall growing season. The fall is absolutely the best time to repair your lawn and set in motion the way your lawn will look this fall and for next spring.

​Soil test is a good 1st step. Make sure you’re soil nutrients levels are where they should be, to give your lawn its best chance of success this fall.

When the PH is off, the grass will not take up nutrients efficiently.

Send or Stop with a sandwich bag of your soil and make that your first step towards a beautiful lawn you can be proud of and your neighbors will envy

With a soil test we can recommend the right fertilizer to use to jumpstart your lawn this fall and different options to use for over seeding summer damaged lawns. Also recommendations can be made to amend the soil for fall over seeding 

New Hybrid Sods for 2021

Available Now

Barenbrug RTf  (Rhizomatus TFS) Fescue Sod

  • Aggressive Root System
  • Spreads like Bluegrass
  • Exceptional color
  • Self repairing
  • Eco-Friendly (30% less water)
  • Mow as low as 1 inch

Ready this fall 

Scotts Pro-Vista Bluegrass

  • Half the mowing of traditional lawns
  • Shade Tolerant equal to Tall Fescue
  • Great Color
  • Low Maintenance 
  • Easily kept free of foreign grass
  • A Lawn of your dreams

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