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RTF Sod CharacteristicsRTF Sod

RTF® Sod provides the fastest route to the RTF® experience, from sod harvest to installation of a mature stand in a matter of hours. The deep-rooted and heat-tolerant RTF® Sod has been proven to maintain both uniformity and density while repairing itself after damaging events. RTF® Sod has its own association, with research and development ensuring continual improvement of the product to supply RTF® for generations to come.

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Turf Saver RTF CharacteristicsTurf Saver® RTF®

Turf Saver® RTF® is the most advanced and unique tall fescue mixture available, providing the benefits of rhizomes not found in any other varieties. While other spreading varieties describe “potential” rhizome development or “aggressive tillering”, the deep-rooted and heat-tolerant Turf Saver® RTF® has been proven to mend damaged turf and maintain both uniformity and density.

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RPR CharacteristicsRPR®

In 2009, Barenbrug’s innovative research and development team introduced a unique perennial ryegrass subspecies to the turf industry, RPR®. Receiving its utility patent in 2015, RPR® can tolerate extreme heavy traffic and displays outstanding recuperative abilities. It provides excellent turf quality and appearance in the harshest of conditions and gets off on the right foot with early establishment and continues to thrive through summers. RPR® is the ideal selection for all applications that receive heavy, destructive traffic.

With initial selection and breeding work done in Virginia, RPR® is significantly more heat and drought tolerant than standard perennial ryegrass, and most notably can withstand extreme traffic and rapidly recover when heavily damaged. Outperforming traditional perennial ryegrass in transition zone climates, RPR® is durable, resilient and a survivor. With a growing list of successful, professionally maintained sports turf applications, RPR’s reputation as a problem solver is growing.

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HGT CharacteristicsHGT®

Developed from extremely traffic tolerant parent stock and within harsh climatic conditions, Barvette HGT came out of Barenbrug’s research program solving each of the major species-wide problems and possesses many additional qualities that make it one of the most unique Kentucky bluegrasses ever bred.

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